Step 3: Work to select God-fearing leaders

God’s Word calls us to “occupy” on His behalf until He returns (Luke 19:13).  We are reminded to select God-honoring leaders from the local level and on up the (Exodus 18:21).  Like the Nehemiah approach to re-building the wall around Jerusalem, prayer and work must go together.  Liberty is a four-letter work, and everyone who loves liberty must PRAY, VOTE, GIVE, WORK/VOLUNTEER), and JOIN (recruit) in order to preserve our God-given liberty.  Here are resources, training, and allied organizations to help.   

Here Is a List of Resources to Become a More Informed Citizen:

  • >> CLICK HERE to visit iVoterGuide ( which offers free Voter Guide info to help us to identify and select God-fearing, Biblical, Constitutional elected officials (just input your zip code for a custom candidate info for your community). 
  • >> CLICK HERE to visit MyFaithVotes ( which offers resources to get registered to vote, and to help register and equip others to vote to elect God-fearing leaders. 

Here Is Training to Become a More Active Citizen:

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