Step 2: Equipping Ourselves With the Principles of Good Government Is Foundational to Protecting America

EQUIPPING ourselves with the Biblical principles of good government is foundational to protecting America and her God-given liberty. The question is: Can our Constitutional Republic and the freedom it gives us to be sustained if we forget the basic principles that form its foundation (Psalm 11:3, 50:22, and 111:4)?  >> CLICK HERE to view (and/or download) a simple 15-page primer (calledThe Biblical Principles of Good Government ) which helps us to love God more and understand how to preserve America’s Biblical and Constitutional foundation and the God-given liberty it begets. 

Here Is a List of Resources to Become a More Informed Citizen:

  • >> CLICK HERE for the Biblical Principles of Good Government Primer: 14 Key One-Page Ideas    
  • >> CLICK HERE to visit the Foundation for American Christian Education ( and its myriad American Christian History Resources.  One excellent “starter” resource is The Bible and the Constitution of the United States of America, just 67 pages short! 
  • >> CLICK HERE to see an overview of the US Politicle Platforms.
  • >> CLICK HERE to visit Wallbuilders ( and its American Christian History Resources.
  • >> CLICK HERE to watch (90 sec.) – Harvard Professor Clay Christensen the Vital Role of Judeo-Christian Principles in the Preservation of Liberty – MUST SEE!  DON’T MISS! 
  • >> CLICK HERE to watch Dr. Michael Youssef:  “Why I Love America” (1 min., 11 sec.)
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