This website provides resources for those who realize that our Freedom is not Free and that preserving liberty requires us to:

Step 1: Pray

"PRAY for our leaders and nation."
—I Timothy 2: 1-4

>> CLICK HERE for prayer resources and groups

Step 2: Equip

EQUIP with the basics of America’s Biblical/ Constitutional foundation, the source of our liberty.

>> CLICK HERE for free basic resources to help us remember (Psalm 111:4) and preserve America’s Biblical/Constitutional foundation and the God-given liberty it begets.

Step 3: Work

WORK together to elect God-fearing leaders (Exodus 18:21) who preserve America’s Biblical/ Constitutional foundation and our God-given liberty.

>> CLICK HERE for resources, training, and allied organizations to help us identify and elect God-fearing leaders.

Freedom is not Free

Our Mission 

The P. E. W. mission of is to equip Christians to:

     1) Pray:  Consistently Pray for our Leaders & Nation;

     2) Equip:  Understand and Teach America’s Biblical and Constitutional Foundation to Others;

     3) Work: Volunteer Together to Elect God-fearing Leaders who will Preserve our God-given Liberty to Freely Evangelize for the Gospel.

Through the Ideas That Work Video Series and the Freedom Blog, we (the Team) will help you discern what principles are most effective for preserving the rights and liberties of the people.

The Essence of Freedom
The Essence of Freedom
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