Praying together and working together, city-by-city, to protect life, marriage, and America's Biblical foundation in a loving, Christlike way (read more). . .
Non-Partisan Voter Guides aid us in fulfilling the Biblical mandate to select God-fearing leaders (Ex.18:21), with no threat to a church's tax exempt status because they simply report the "views and values" of the candidates without recommending any candidates or political parties.

November 4, 2014 (Don't forget to pray...)
Election -- Voter Guides and MANY additional excellent voter resources below... Please check it out!

(Voter Guides below are produced by community volunteers and posted to -- these Voter Guides are not produced by Public Awareness Ministries.)

CLICK HERE to identify your likely VOTING LOCATION
(Be careful not to trust info about candidates that may be presented by League of Women Voters, a decidedly liberal / progressive organization.)
CLICK HERE for FAQs about voting

         Sacramento Region (and beyond), CA

                                (PLUS state, fed, and initiatives)

1. General Election Voter Guide 11-04-2014 Sac. County -- non-partisan

2. General Election Voter Guide 11-04-2014 Statewide Candidate Supplement

3 . -- Additional info about Fed / State / County candidates

4 . -- Info about Judicial candidates by County

5 . General Election Voter Guide 11-04-2014 Sac. County -- 8.5" X 11" PRINTABLE
(thank you William Keevers for this work...)

6 . General Election Voter Guide 11-04-2014 Sac. County -- in RUSSIAN
(thank you Alex and Victoria Fesenko for this work...)

1. -- helps people know how to impact the election in "cracks" of time and help themselves adn others register to vote

2. -- non-partisan info about how to engage to assure election integrity in your community

-- Helping Judeo-Christians vote Biblical values

2. -- Info about Judicial candidates by county

3. -- Pro-family voter info

4. -- Conservative California Election Website

5.  California Secretary of State website

6.  California Secretary of State -- Qualified Ballot Initiatives

7.  California Assembly

8.  California Senate

                     The United States
1.  PARTY PLATFORM (2012) Summary of Major Parties (one page)

2.  Federal Legislators Voting Record on HEALTHCARE Reform

3.  Eagle Forum HOUSE Voting Records

4 . 
Eagle Forum SENATE Voting Records

5.  SHARIA Scoreboard (House Members who stand against Sharia)

6.  US House of Representatives

7.  US Senate

Use this info & refer others!

It's now time to remember where the candidates stand on life, marriage, indebtedness, healthcare, and much more.  It's our moral, loving, Biblical duty to select the most God-fearing leaders (Ex. 18:21)!

Long-term, the reclamation of America will depend on the consistent united prayer and work, city-by-city, month-by-month, of people like you and me.

To Register to Vote, click here (
Every person of Judeo-Christian faith has a Biblical duty to pray for our leaders, and to select God-fearing leaders (vote).  The website provides links to voter registration information state-by-state.

BEFORE YOU REGISTER TO VOTE, please review the one-page 2012 Party Platform Summary* (that is, their statement of the principles they seek to advance), then compare each party platform against the Biblical plumb line (e.g., do candidates and ballot measures support life and/or marriage) and register for the party of your choice that best reflects Biblical principles.  It's also important to remember that each candidate who runs as a member of a certain political party may OR may not adhere to the party platform -- hence, the need to know each candidate individually via prayerfully reading voter guides.  Some Public Awareness Ministry groups are themselves producing and distributing non-partisan local voter guides.

1. History reveals that America is founded on Judeo-Christian principles, and the result of our Biblical foundation is the greatest liberty for the individual ever known!

(According to the Mayflower Institute, 80-to-85% of all Gospel and missionary resources that have gone out to the world in the Name of Christ over the past 200 years have come from America. America’s liberty is worth preserving!)

2. To preserve Christian principles in government and the liberty they beget, we have a Biblical mandate to pray for our leaders and nation (I Tim. 2:1-2, II Chron. 7:14) and advance Biblical values and God-honoring leaders (Luke 19:13, Exod. 18:21).

. Fighting the spiritual and cultural war begins with prayer.  Public Awareness Ministries helps you to establish a local group that prays for our leaders and nation, and works with you to promote God-honoring laws and leadership in your city.  If you or anyone you know would like to start a monthly prayer group in your city to pray one consistent hour a month for our pastors, leaders (I Tim. 2) and nation (II Chron. 7:14), it only takes three minutes to sign up on the “Start Monthly Prayer Group” link at We provide monthly prayer guides and can freely set up a webpage for those prayer groups that would like one.

For more information, please visit or contact Mark Matta at or 916-716-1075.

Praying for our leaders and selecting God-honoring leaders are acts of worship!  
(Worship: to adore, respect, honor, and treat Him with reverence...)

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD …” [Psalm 33:12]

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