Praying together and working together, city-by-city, to protect life, marriage, and America's Biblical foundation in a loving, Christlike way (read more). . .

Bringing subject matter experts to you -- equipping Biblical / Constitutional thinkers to advance Scriptural values and God-honoring leaders!

Mar. 18-- Third Monday Evening National Tele-Training:
(The third Monday evening of every month)

TOPIC: -- Christians Impacting the Culture for Jesus Christ
6:30pm Mountain,   7:30pm Mountain,   8:30pm Central,   9:30pm Eastern
(40 min. teaching,  10 min. Q & A)

Dial: 712-432-0075     
Access code: 590429#

A specific “how-to” outline will be provided. Please FORWARD this message to invite friends and family to join the call -- we have 1,000 lines available!
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Liberty is Not a Spectator Sport TeleTraining Series
We are doing a special pre-election National TeleTraining Series entitled Liberty is Not a Spectator Sport which will expose us to nationally-known subject matter experts to teach on topics including:

--Consistent united local prayer (the "glue" that holds us together long-term)
--Impacting your neighborhood for Christ (effective door-to-door witnessing)
--Voter registration
--Neighborhood / precinct volunteering
--Building relationships with elected officials
--Producing local non-partisan voter guides (all gov’t is local)
--Running for local (and other) office… and more!

We’ll provide practical training so that people are prepared to pray and work to select God-fearing leaders (I Tim. 2, Ex. 18:21), even as an act of worship to the Lord!  It’s Biblical, moral, and loving…
Is it conceivable that America's Biblical foundation and the liberty it gives us to advance the Gospel can be preserved if the Judeo-Christian community fails to actively pray and work to select God-fearing leaders (especially under the false pretense that to do so is political, partisan, and divisive), thereby allowing the anti-life, anti-marriage, anti-God crowd to rule by default?  

To be NOTIFIED ABOUT FUTURE TELE-TRAININGS, please EMAIL with your contact information.  Please put "TELETRAINING" in the subject line, and let me know which topics are of most interest to you.

Here are some of the telephonic trainings completed or planned:
(Visit the "Archived Training Materials" page to access training outlines.)
1.  Consistent United Local Prayer -- Key to Reclaiming and Transforming our Land (1-19-09)
1b. Powerful Prayer that Prevails -- Prayer After the Cross (4-6-09)
2.  America’s Biblical Foundation -- Remembering His Wonderful Works (2-16-09)
3.  What churches CAN DO to advance Biblical values and God-honoring leaders 3-16-09
4.  Standing against the NEW Department of Homeland Security's "Terrorist" Label (4-20-09)
5.  Reaching children with the Gospel -- Child Evangelism Fellowship (5-18-09)
6.  Social networking / technology to help build a "standing army" (6-15-09)
7.  Benefits of Home Schooling, attacks against Home Schooling and preserving educational liberty (7-20-09)
8.  Running for local office: considering a run, how to organize a campaign (8-17-09)
9.  Volunteer recruitment – building a grassroots army
10.  Working with your City Council to get our national motto "In God We Trust" displayed there
11.  Producing and distributing non-partisan local voter guides
12.  Building relationships with elected officials
13.  Building winning social networks
14.  Building relationships with the media -- calling a successful press conference
15.  Designing and advancing a message -- Using online media
16.  Precinct (neighborhood) walking and phone-banking
17.  Increasing voter turnout, encouraging early voting, and getting out the vote (GOTV)
18.  Serving at the polling place (being a poll monitor)
19.  Doing non-partisan voter registration at church (and initiative qualification)
20.  Resources and organizations to help advance Biblical principles in the public square (including public schools)

Questions?  Please contact 916-716-1075 or


To sign up a NEW PRAYER GROUP to pray for our leaders (I Tim. 2) and nation (II Chr. 7:14) one hour a month, please click HERE;  IT TAKES THREE MINUTES.  We will Email a free Prayer Guide to the group leader every month, and will set up a free webpage for every group that wants one.  

For information about free THIRD MONDAY "EVENING SCHOOL" TELE-TRAININGS (Lk. 19:13, Rom. 12:21, Ex. 18:21), click HERE.

For a CALENDAR of monthly and "special" events, please click HERE.

For a listing of MONTHLY PRAYER GROUPS (I Tim. 2, II Chr. 7:14), please click HERE.

For monthly one-page PRAYER GUIDES for praying for our leaders (I Tim. 2) and nation (II Chr. 7:14) , please click HERE.

For BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES OF GOOD GOVERNMENT "PRIMERS" (one page) about America's Biblical foundation and remembering the wonderful works of God (Ps. 111:4), please click HERE.

For free church resources including bulletin inserts, please click HERE. 

Do you want to help build a standing army that's "prayed-up" and "trained-up" to protect life, marriage, and America's Biblical foundation?  Please contact Mark Matta at or 916-716-1075.


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