Praying together and working together, city-by-city, to protect life, marriage, and America's Biblical foundation in a loving, Christlike way (read more). . .

Teleconference TRAININGS are here...  
These free trainings happen on the third Monday evening of every month.  United PRAYER for our leaders and nation, and united WORK to advance Biblical and Constitutional values and God-honoring leaders is also a moral, Biblical duty
and essential in the preservation of our liberty!
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OCT. 20 -- Third Monday Evening National Tele-Training:
(The third Monday evening of EVERY month -- we bring subject matter experts to YOU!)

Join us a we bring you subject matter experts who teach us how to honor Jesus Christ and advance a Biblical worldview in every area, at the ballot box and beyond!

6:30pm Pacific,   7:30pm Mountain,   8:30pm Central,   9:30pm Eastern
(30 min. teaching,  10 min. Q & A)

JOIN US as lead trainings on topics including:
 consistent united local prayer for our leaders and nation, preserving America's Biblical and Constitutional foundation, our Biblical duties as Christian Citizens, how-to run for local office, how to produce non-partisan local voter guides, and more!
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Here are some of the telephonic trainings we’ll be doing in 2009:
1.  Consistent United Local Prayer -- Key to Reclaiming and Transforming our Land (1-19-09)
1a. Powerful Prayer that Prevails -- Prayer After the Cross (2-2-09)
2.  America’s Biblical Foundation -- Remembering His Wonderful Works
3.  What churches can do to advance Biblical values and God-honoring leaders
4.  Doing non-partisan voter registration at church (and initiative qualification)
5.  Producing and distributing non-partisan local voter guides
6.  Building relationships with elected officials
7.  Volunteer recruitment – building a grassroots army
8.  Building winning social networks
9.  Building relationships with the media -- calling a successful press conference
10.  Designing and advancing a message -- Using online media
11.  Precinct (neighborhood) walking and phone-banking
 Increasing voter turnout, encouraging early voting, and getting out the vote (GOTV)
13.  Serving at the polling place (being a poll monitor)
14. Running for local office (considering a run, how to organize a campaign on a shoestring)
15. Working with your City Council to get our national motto "In God We Trust" displayed there
16. Starting up "Good News" Gospel clubs in public schools
17. Resources and organizations to help advance Biblical principles in the public square (including public schools)

If you'd like to be notified about future tele-trainings, please EMAIL with your contact information including your name, city, phone, Email address, and the organization or church that you represent.  Please put "TELETRAINING" in the subject line.  Please let me know which topics are of most interst to YOU.
Questions?  Please contact 916-716-1075 or

Additional Resources

For monthly Prayer Guides for praying for our leaders (I Tim. 2) and nation (II Chr. 7:14) , please click here.

For Biblical Principles of Good Government one-page sheets with info about America's Biblical foundation -- remembering the wonderful works of God, please click here.

To sign up a new prayer group to pray for our leaders (I Tim. 2) and nation (II Chr. 7:14) one hour a month, please click here; IT TAKES THREE MINUTES We will Email a free Prayer Guide to the group leader every month, and will set up a free webpage for every group that wants one.  Questions?  Please contact Mark Matta at 916-853-9777 or  

For free church resources including bulletin inserts, please click here. 


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