Praying together and working together, city-by-city, to protect life, marriage, and America's Biblical foundation in a loving, Christlike way (read more). . .

Vital Reading and Articles

65 Nationally-Known Pastors and Christian Leaders Address Moral & Public Policy Issues
 KEY QUOTES                              Quotes central to Public Awareness Minstries
If You Don't Fight, Then We Lose!
Understanding Evil Today
That's What Christians Do Now
Request for help from Marine in Iraq
Dennis Prager Weekly Column
The Public Awareness Ministries HANDBOOK is a 16-page curriculum which summarizes:  the Biblical basis for liberty, America's Christian history and foundation, our Biblical duties toward civil government, and a local plan (Public Awareness Ministries' groups) for praying and working together city-by-city to fulfill the Biblical mandate to select God-fearing leaders.  This is essential summary reading for people of faith who love liberty and want to understand how to maintain it!  

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