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Resources for Producing Local Voter Guides

Public Awareness Ministries groups can choose to produce and distribute non-partisan local voter guides because:
1. The local offices (e.g., city council, school board) directly affect us the most
2. We can impact the local offices
3. People of faith have the least information about local offices
4. The local offices serve as a springboard to higher office

The local voter guide can lead to selecting leaders who have a Biblical worldview at state and federal levels.  The Christian model of civil government begins with selecting leaders who have a Biblical worldview at the local level, and seeing local leaders rise to state and federal levels based on proven character.
How to Produce a Local Voter Guide (PDF)
-- 60 slides
How to Produce a Local Voter Guide Summary -- 1 page
Local Voter Guide Production Flow Chart
-- 1 page

Voter Guide Survey Questions for Candidates  -- 6 pages
Script for Calling Candidates  -- 1 page
Example Voter Guide Template (MS Word) -- 5 pages
Local Voter Guide Committee Descriptions (MS Word) -- 11 pages
What Churches CAN DO to Advance Biblical Principles (PJI, Brad Dacus)
-- 1 page




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