Praying together and working together, city-by-city, to protect life, marriage, and America's Biblical foundation in a loving, Christlike way (read more). . .
Organizations Actively Advancing Biblical Principles and God-Honoring Leaders in Government

America's Biblical foundation, liberty, and the open door for the Gospel cannot be maintained unless we get serious and consistent about praying and working together locally (city-by-city) to fulfill the Biblical mandate to select God-honoring, pro-life, pro-family leaders.  Below are some organizations that are working, in their own way, to do that: equips us to register to vote and encourage others to do so, with the goal of selecting God-fearing leaders who will preserve life, marriage, and America's Biblical foundation (the source of our liberty). creating a national directory and network of Churches Impacting Culture to help grow a grassroots movement of Christians who will be unwavering in their commitment to Biblical standards (at the ballot box and far beyond).

Faith 2 Action equips us to put our faith into action by connecting us to the most effective organizations which protect life, marriage, and Ameirca's Biblical foundation.


To sign up a NEW PRAYER GROUP to pray for our leaders (I Tim. 2) and nation (II Chr. 7:14) one hour a month, please click HERE;  IT TAKES THREE MINUTES.  We will Email a free Prayer Guide to the group leader every month, and will set up a free webpage for every group that wants one.  

For information about free THIRD MONDAY "EVENING SCHOOL" TELE-TRAININGS (Lk. 19:13, Rom. 12:21, Ex. 18:21), click HERE.

For a CALENDAR of monthly and "special" events, please click HERE.

For a listing of MONTHLY PRAYER GROUPS (I Tim. 2, II Chr. 7:14), please click HERE.

For monthly one-page PRAYER GUIDES for praying for our leaders (I Tim. 2) and nation (II Chr. 7:14) , please click HERE.

For BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES OF GOOD GOVERNMENT "PRIMERS" (one page) about America's Biblical foundation and remembering the wonderful works of God (Ps. 111:4), please click HERE.

For free church resources including bulletin inserts, please click HERE. 

Do you want to help build a standing army that's "prayed-up" and "trained-up" to protect life, marriage, and America's Biblical foundation?  Please contact Mark Matta at or 916-716-1075.

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