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How to Schedule an Event with Mark Matta  
Contact Information: or 916-716-1075

Thank you for requesting scheduling information on Mark Matta; availability is contingent upon events already scheduled as well as their geographical location.  Mark has taught on numerous topics including:
1.  America’s Christian heritage and foundation (the source of ALL of our liberty)
2.  Our Biblical duties toward government including praying for our leaders and nation (I Tim. 2, II Chron. 7:14) and advancing Biblical values and God-honoring leaders (Lk. 19:13, Ex. 18:21)
3.  Effective advocacy
4.  Producing and distributing non-oartusab LOCAL voter guides
5.  The blessings that flow from fulfilling the Biblical mandate to pray for and select God-honoring leaders     (Ps. 33:12, Prov. 29:2)
6.  Establishing ongoing Public Awareness Ministries' groups that PRAY for those in authority, EQUIP with Biblical principles of good government, and WORK to select God-honoring leaders.  
7.  Debunking the "separation of church and state" myth, legislative updates, and much more!

Mark can speak, make PowerPoint presentations, and conduct training sessions of various lengths with practical handouts providing reference information for later use.  A VITAL COMPONENT of Mark's teaching involves leaving churches and Christian organizations with a simple, effective, non-partisan, no-or-low-cost Public Awareness Ministries' structure where they can begin right away significantly impacting their culture, laws, and leadership with Biblical principles -- with a very modest time commitment.  
In addition to offering inspiring teaching about America's Christian history and foundation, Mark offers a practical, proven, non-partisan, prayer-based plan that can be employed immediately toward the advancement of Biblical values and God-honoring leaders in government!
Don't settle for a speaker who simply inspires and then goes home;  demand a practical yet simple local ministry plan for advancing Biblical values and God-honoring leaders... beginning now!  

Mark receives numerous requests each year; it is our goal to accommodate as many requests as possible.  If your organization is located within a two-hour drive from Sacramento, Mark can often speak at no cost to you depending upon his schedule.  For Mark to speak with your group where travel is required beyond a two-hour drive from Sacramento, we respectfully request that you: 1) cover his travel expenses, and 2) provide either an honorarium (the amount is completely at your discretion) or a love offering.  An honorarium or love offering is appreciated as it will be reinvested into the ministry of advancing Biblical values and God-honoring leaders.

The charges for travel will be billed upon confirmation of Mark's participation.  We request that payment be received two weeks prior to the event.  Those expenses include: transportation (either the cost of the ticket if by plane, or the standard IRS business mileage reimbursement if by car travelling beyond a two-hour radius of Sacramento); car rental (if he arrives by plane); motel or hotel lodging; meals (calculated at the standard IRS business rate); miscellaneous fees (parking, tolls, fees, etc.).

Because Mark has spoken to numerous groups, we have experience making travel arrangements and have found ways to reduce the price of tickets and travel.  We seek to keep things economical, including transportation, lodging, car rentals, meals, etc.

We hope this information is helpful and seek to prevent any misunderstanding from occurring.  If you are interested in scheduling or need further information, please contact us at 916-716-1075 or

Bio for Mark Matta
Mark Matta graduated from the University of Southern California in 1985 with a Master's Degree in Business Administration. He served as a California Senate District Representative (for Senator Ed Davis) from 1988 through 1992 and has served in financial and government relations consulting roles.
Mark’s passion involves equipping Christians to fulfill the Biblical mandate to pray for our leaders and nation, and to advance Biblical values and God-honoring leaders (who preserve America’s Biblical foundation, liberty, and the open door for the Gospel). Mark’s wife Lisa is an eighth-generation niece of George Washington, so the family has made it a priority to study and teach the Christian principles upon which our nation was founded and upon which our liberty is based.
Following the 2000 elections, Mark established to provide a free resources to equip Christians to fulfill the Biblical mandate to pray for and select God-honoring leaders.  The website takes 1,000+ hits per day.

Radio Program and Teaching Highlights
Mark has been a repeat guest on numerous live talk radio programs including Janet Folger’s national Faith2Action program, Warren Duffy’s Live from LA program, and the Craig Roberts’ Life!Line radio program.  He has worked with The American Christian History Institute, Mayflower Institute, and several other organizations dedicated to advancing Christian principles and liberty in government.  Mark has spoken to national organizations and has taught on various topics including America's Christian heritage and foundation, the Biblical blueprint for liberty, our Christian civic duty, establishing Public Awareness Ministries, effective advocacy, and more.

Mark's focus involves equipping Christians to fulfill the Biblical mandate to pray for and select God-fearing leaders (who will preserve America's Christian foundation, liberty, and the open door for the Gospel).

Mark has also served as follows:
--Meeting and speaking with a US President while on the staff of California Senator Ed Davis
--Emceeing, and worship leading for, Western Regional Conferences for the American Christian   History Institute
--Teaching about the establishment of Public Awareness Ministries groups at the Assembly of   God NorCal/Nevada Leadership Summit (multiple years)
--Equipping Christians to remember and fulfill the Biblical mandate to select God-fearing leaders   at a Christian Coalition Western Regional Conference (2001)
--Teaching Christian Civics classes at Capital Christian Center (his home church in    Sacramento)
--Founding and Co-chairing the Sacramento Public Awareness Ministry group (2001 to present)
--Conceiving, chairing, and implementing the 2002 Sacramento Pastors Conference, 2003 Biblical    Blueprint for Liberty Seminar, and the 2004 One Nation Under God Seminar
--Serving as kick-off speaker for the Eagle Forum California Conference with Phyllis Schlafly.

--Taught at the Sacramento Christian Organization of Parent Educators annual conference.

Letters of Recommendation
Mark has Congressional, pastoral, and media letters of recommendation, copies of which can be provided upon request.  To review some letters of reference, please click here.

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