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We Are at WAR;  If You Don't Fight, Then We Lose...
Warfare Against Evil is Scriptural (and it always begins with prayer):
The fear of the LORD is to hate evil... [Proverbs 8:13].  Nehemiah 4:13-18 describes the preparation for battle and fighting to advance God’s work.  Esther 9 describes the Jews destroying those who sought to destroy them.  God does not minimize evil, but strikes at its heart a fatal blow, and so must we!  The evils below are metastic cancers that must be cut out; our survival depends upon it!

CAUTION:  The following images are extremely graphic and unsuitable for children.  However, it is necessary for you to see them in order to show you who the enemy really is and what they are plan to continue doing.  We must pray and work against these very real evil enemies we AND OUR CHILDREN face.    

Without overstating the case, we are fighting for the very survival of Judeo-Christian civilization.  We are battling foreign enemies (radical Islam, terrorism) and domestic enemies (the ACLU, Planned Parenthood/abortion, homosexuality, pornography, socialism, humanism, globalism, radical environmentalism) which strike at God's authority and principles.  If our enemies can separate God and His principles from America, then His presence and protection will depart.

To combat the enemies below, we must battle in prayer [Js. 5:16, Zech. 4:6, Eph. 6:12, II Cor. 10:4] and work to select God-fearing leaders [Ex. 18:21, II Sam. 23:3].  Consistent prayer and action to select God-fearing leaders who will preserve America's Christian foundation, liberty, and the open door for the Gospel is best accomplished through the establishment of Public Awareness Ministry groups in every city.

The destiny and liberty of our nation depends on the ongoing prayer and action of informed Christian citizens.  To preserve and advance liberty, we will have to fight, beginning in prayer, at the ballot box and beyond.  To battle effectively, we must understand the vicious nature of our evil enemies:

Understand, pray against, and work against these vicious evil enemies!

Radical Islam:  Encourages Muslims to kill infidels (Christians and Jews, all non-Muslims).  LOOK (left) at what they did to an American contractor in Falujah (killed, miamed, burnt, and dragged through the streets with rejoicing).  LOOK at the decapitation of Nick Berg!   LOOK at the decapitation of Paul Johnson!  Importantly, Muslim Mullahs and Imams did not come out in public condemnation of this behavior!   Without overstating the case, radical Islam (which does not characterize the majority of Muslims) seeks to:
--Kill the Christian and Jewish "infidels" (while yelling "Allahu akbar" -- Allah is the greatest) with a terrorist focus on women and children
--Circumcize our daughters, put them in burkhas (the traditional Muslim black tent for women), and deny them an education and medical care
--Eliminate all religious and spiritual belief systems except Islam.

Muslims believe (and teach their children) that it was Ishmael who was taken by Abraham, rather than Isaac, to be sacrificed but was then later spared by God.  Radical Islam teaches that Christians and Jews should always live in an inferior manner to that of Muslims.  Where radical Islam gains control of government, security for life, liberty, and property disappears!
The war on radical Islam is central to our very survival.  If you don't fight, then we will lose!

American Civil Liberties Union:  Has nothing to do with preserving civil liberty (which is really a result of a society where Christian principles are the foundation).  The ACLU consistently works to:  
--Erase every vestige of America's Christian foundation (including
   knocking crosses off of gravesites in public cemeteries)
--Support abortion (including partial birth abortion)
--Advance the homosexual "deathstyle"
--Protect pornography as "free speech"
--Advance NAMBLA (Nat'l. Assoc. of Man-Boy Love).
Every principle you hold dear, the ACLU opposes.  
Domestic enemies that seek to separate God and His principles from the USA pose the greatest threat as God's presence and protection depart if we allow this to happen!

 If you don't fight, then we will lose!

Abortion:  since Roe v. Wade in 1973, about 44 million babies have been aborted in the US; this is about 1.5 million per year OR 3,500 per day!  So where is the real war?  From a practical perspective, if only 10 million of the 44 million total were working and paying into the Social Security system, then it would likely be financially sound (rather than set to go "bust" in about 20 years) .  There is a high price for immorality and God's principles always have practical implications...  
Planned Parenthood
  (a front for the abortion industry) began under the leadership of Margaret Sanger and her "Negro Project" which targeted minority women for abortions.  
If you don't fight, then we will lose!

Homosexuality --  consider the devastation it causes:  
Homosexual male relationships are rarely monogamous and those involved are more at risk for life-threatening illnesses.  Studies indicate that the average male homosexual has hundreds of sex partners in his lifetime.  The median number of partners for homosexuals is four times higher than for heterosexuals.  Check out these findings:
--24 percent of homosexual men had over 100 partners
--43 percent of homosexual men had over 500 partners
--28 percent of homosexual men had over 1000 partners.

AIDS remains the fifth leading cause of death among those aged 26 to 44, and 60 percent of new cases are contracted by men who have sex with men.  Despite the 20-year “safe-sex” campaign, the incidence of unsafe sexual practices is on the rise.  An estimated 30 percent of all 20-year-old homosexual men will be HIV positive or dead by the age of 30.

And amazingly, the homosexual activists are working unceasingly to trash God's definition of marriage through attempted "legalization" of same-sex marriage.  
(For more details, click here.)
The war on homosexual marriage is central to the survival of Judeo-Christian society.  If you don't fight, then we will lose!

Pornography --  consider the devastation it causes:  
Dr. Victor B. Cline, a psychologist at the University of Utah, stated:  
"With only several exceptions, pornography has been a major or minor contributor or facilitator in the acquisition of... deviation or sexual addiction… [including rape and child molestation]"
Research by Dr. Zillman and Dr. Bryant suggests that exposure to pornography produces a callousness toward women and trivialization of rape as a criminal offense.
Serial Murderers Fueled by Pornography include:
-- Gary Bishop, Serial Killer
--Ted Bundy, Serial Killer
--Jeffrey Dahmer, Serial Killer
--Klebold and Harris, Columbine Murders
It's interesting to note that the same liberals who promote pornography, promiscuity, and homosexuality are the ones who decry the war with the terrorists that they themselves have precipitated by offending the sensibilities of Muslims through the exportation of smut to the world!
(For more details, click here.)
If you don't fight, then we will lose!

For summary information about evil men and ideas from recent history, click here...

"I shut my eyes as if to cover up the peril" (from Treasure Island by R.L. Stevenson)
Perhaps because of the blessings of liberty, order, and prosperity we have enjoyed, we have become "soft," not wanting to acknowledge or battle against the very real evil ideas and forces in the world which threaten everything we hold dear as a nation.  Now is the hour to wake up, get up, and pray and work together to select God-fearing leaders who will fight against these evil ideas and forces!

What do you think about this quote from USMC Lieutenant General Puller?
"There is only one solution for America.  We must get hard.  Unless we do some foreign soldiery will attack our great country, take our women, and breed a harder race."  
Lieutenant General Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller, USMC

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