Praying together and working together, city-by-city, to protect life, marriage, and America's Biblical foundation in a loving, Christlike way (read more). . .
Pastor's Resources

The resources below equip people of faith to pray for our leaders, understand and apply Biblical principles of good government foundational to America, and work together locally to advance Biblical values and God-honoring leaders.  These ideas are Biblical and unifying.  As we practice them consistently, we protect America's Biblical foundation and the liberty, including our freedom to share the Gospel, that flows from it. .

Monthly Prayer Guides to pray consistently for those in authority (I Tim. 2) in our cities, state, and nation.

Biblical Principles of Good Government (one-page summary sheets) to understand and apply to protect America's Biblical foundation, life, marriage, andreligious liberty.

Pacific Justice Institute LETTER TO PASTORS is a one-page letter to pastors which summarizes what pastors and churches can do to advance God-fearing leaders and Biblical principles in government with no threat to tax-exempt status.

Letter from 65 nationally Known Pastors and Christian Leaders (two pages) addresses many of the great moral and public policy issues of the day from a Biblical, non-partisan, perspective.  Please be encouraged to teach your congregation about these Biblical criteria related to public policy and fulfilling the Biblical mandate to select God-fearing leaders!

Church and Politics Brochure (by Pacific Justice Institute, Brad Dacus, Esq.) describes in detail (including Internal Revenue Code and case cites) what churches can do to advance God-fearing leaders and Biblical principles in public policy.

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