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Ballot Initiatives --

There are currently no "moral issue" ballot initiatives to which we're referring people to collect signatures.

General tips for successful signature collection:
1.  The petition is available in both 8.5" X 11" and 8.5" X 14" formats and must be printed front & back on the same sheet (duplex) -- front side is for sigatures and backside is the legal description of the initiative.
2.  To collect signatures, you must be registered to vote in CA.
3.  Be sure to complete the "Declaration of Cirulator" section at the bottom of page 1.
4.  Be sure the signers are registered voters, and that they sign and legibly complete their section.
5.  Please visit the website or the organization for petitions and additional information.
(If you have problems printing a petition, assure that your printer dialogue box is not set to "print to file.")

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